Cheri and Kerri

Walking up to a glacier!

Glacier video

Walking on a glacier, but that was just an appetizer. Glacier cruise - 27 glaciers, 5 bald eagles, 15 sea otters, countless harbor seals, and one humpback whale in a mere 5 hours!

Musk ox farm!!!!! One named Basil made friends with me! Then camping more, with our friend Jack. I taught Kerri how to play gin rummy and she lost a lot, which has nothing to do with building a fire, just didn’t think you needed a caption for that.

We went in a glacier and it was cool. Hahaha. The shattered hellscape is recently deglaciated area.

Nick Hanson setting a new Toe Kick world record at the Eskimo Indian Olympics, clouds, “do we have 4g here?!?”, being humbled by the majesty.

More Denali! It was spectacular, and very mosquitoy. Not pictured: baby grizzly bears romping, which we totally saw, but couldn’t get a picture of. They were so good!

Getting to Denali, the Teklanika River is a braided river, Tek River flowers, we’re in Denali! and I look like my dad, 10:30pm full daylight, why you so loud other campers?!?, going for a walk to Igloo Creek, dang Tek River, ain’t no shame in my bug jacket game, Kerri looking for goats.

Creepy abandoned building I’m Whittier, AK that I most certainly did NOT trespass in, the tunnel to Whittier, and our inaugural can of “Saskatoon Beaver Buzz”